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Bruno Vackier, Abstract Artist Posts


Planning a new exhibition next year with drawings, all unique and handmade!

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TO DO List

– Make digital archeive of drawings and paintings..
– Plan an minimalistic exhibition of drawings on paper…
– count my drawings, or better, estimate the number…
– make 3d models from drawings that represent buildings…
– explore nature…
– …

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New work in progress

Now working with glass structures and light in 3D.


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Upcoming “Beeldenstorm”

There will be a solo-exposition in the month november this year in CC De Brouckere in Torhout.

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Into 3D with blender3d b3d

The days are dark, it’s raining outside, so i spent some time working in Blender3d #b3d #3d.
These are some examples of what i made before, you should see new work coming soon.

All renders are produced in Blender3d. ( )
Thx to the staff of blender to make these programs available.

Bruno Vackier


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MSK Gent

Next year i’ll have a one day exhibition in the MSK Museum in Gent, Belgium.
These images are studies/preliminary work. The end result will be revealed in the MSK…

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